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Information for Parents


From October 2015, families in Milton Keynes can now access the Children’s Primary Care Team. The team of specially trained and experienced children’s nurses will work with your GP to offer appointments for children suffering common illnesses such as:


•           Fever

•           Diarrhoea and/or vomiting

•           Breathing problems/Asthma

•           Cough/Sore throat/Ear problems



Appointments are available both during and outside of normal working hours.



Who can access the service?


The service is available to children and young people (from 10 days to 18 years) with common childhood illnesses. A same-day or next day appointment will be made by your GP/community nurse providing a service to help parents care for children at home and to monitor conditions that may change quickly and require additional support or guidance.

In some cases GP receptionists can also refer in for the same day appointments for conditions that cannot wait to be seen, please contact your own surgery reception who will advise you.



When are the appointments available?


The new service means an extra 800 appointments per month will be available to support children. These can be face to face appointments until 8pm in the week or follow


• 10am – 8pm (Monday to Friday) based at Milton Keynes Urgent Care Centre

• 8am - 1pm (Saturdays) and 10am-3pm (Sundays and Bank Holidays) at the Grove Surgery in Netherfield.



Where are the appointments?


Appointments are currently at either Milton Keynes Urgent Care Centre or the Grove Surgery in Netherfield. Your surgery will tell you where the appointment is.



How to cancel an appointment?


The cancellation telephone number is 01908 3030422. Please be aware that this number is not monitored after 5pm.


Benefits to families


  • Help for parents to care for children at home and to monitor conditions that may change quickly and require additional support or guidance in the evenings and at weekends.


  • By doing so, this should reduce unnecessary trips to hospital:


‘Every parent knows that caring for a sick child is very challenging and creates a lot of anxiety within the family. Most children who need health care should not have to go into hospital but should be managed in the community and closer to home. This new Children’s Primary Care Team will provide much needed advice and support to parents and ensure children are cared for in the most appropriate setting, making a huge difference to the lives of Milton Keynes children.’


Dr Tayo Kufeji


GP at Newport Pagnell Medical Centre and Board Member

Milton Keynes Clinical Commissioning Group


Will it be the same as seeing a GP?


Specially trained nurses who are experienced in working with children provide the service, working closely with your GP and other local healthcare providers. The nurses provide a full assessment of your child and are able to start medications if necessary. They will work together with you to develop a plan of care. They will also follow up your child's care as needed either on the telephone or by seeing you again in a clinic.


What to do if you are worried about your child before or after the appointment.

Your GP will advise you what to do if your child's condition gets worse before your appointment with the Children's Primary Care Team. If you are concerned you should get back in touch with your GP or ring 111 in the usual way.

Sharing your child’s health records


As this appointment will take place outside of your usual GP practice, you will be asked to give consent for your child’s medical record to be shared with the Children’s Primary Care Team.

Protecting your Information


The information held about your child will only be shared with the Children’s Primary

Care Team or held centrally to be used for statistical purposes. We take the recording and sharing of patient information very seriously, following national NHS guidelines. For full details go to:

How to leave feedback about your child’s appointment:


Parents of children who have attended an appointment will receive a text message invitation to complete a Survey Monkey feedback form. For any other specific complaints, compliments or comments please email the team administrator or Matron on 









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