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Children's Primary Care Team



The children’s primary care service is a nurse led service provided by Milton Keynes Urgent Care services. Our paediatric (children’s) nurses are able to assess, diagnose and treat your child’s common health condition.

The team will work with you providing education, information and support via, telephone, video or face to face appointment to help you to manage your child’s care at home.


The Children's Primary Care Service

For children aged 10 days - 18th Birthday who are registered with a Milton Keynes GP (if your child is not registered you should call 111 who will advise you.)

How to book

Call your own surgery and ask for a referral to the childrens primary care team.

What to expect

The nurses provide a full assessment for your child. They will work together with you to develop a plan of care. They will also follow up your child's care as needed either on the telephone/video or face to face.

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Please note we are unable to do the following:

* Assess injuries or do x-rays

* Do blood tests

* Refer to outpatients

How to get in touch

Our number is 01908 303030 (choose option 4)

Our cancellation line is 01908 303042 (answerphone not checked after 5pm)

How to leave feedback

Parents of children who have attempted an appointment will receive a text message invitation to complete a Survey Monkey feedback form. For any other specific complaints, compliments or comments please email the team administrator or Matrons on

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